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The Pete Kuske BLACKMAIL attack.

Here is small segment of the week long Blackmail attack which shows just how these people work. Since this date the Gang have lied and shouted Peter Kuske has made this all up. This Christopher Lippincott is a dream angel, and the people behind him are all innocent, spend time trying to bury the subject, Even his partner at his Boat works in Haltom City thinks this and what he does since, is all a laugh.  So have a quick watch and ask IS THIS A LAUGH To YOU ? or would you consider a sick druggy like this having your family at blackmail and your little grandkids pictures, in the hands of some sick gang, to swap exchange as they do, is all one big laugh ?

You heard it from the front speaker himself, learn more of how he beats women and scams even his Pals and way more on  or   both cover it all. And if you live near Haltom City in Texas,


be Very Careful, specially if you have kids.

The Pete Kuske BLACKMAIL attack

The Pete Kuske BLACKMAIL attack

Where is this sleazeball who finds it fun to attack Peter Kuske and his family.. And who was the sick pals he undertook this Blackmail and Sick schemed operation with. A Small gang of ex con scum class nothing losers. Full info on them is on websites. Here is just a small glimpse.

Peter Kuske attacker Chris Logan Lippincott

Christopher N Lippincott  5005 NE Loraine St, Haltom City, Texas.   -  Partners with Charles Todd Finley Certified Boat sales Finleys Boats Haltom City Texas.



David Greig / Greg, "dazza the cameraman"  150 NgataiRd Otumoetai Tauranga Bay of Plenty NEW ZEALAND attacking peter-kuske 

waptek oregon Pete Kuske attacker   Peter Kuske attacker Sara J Christy Sara Pittman Beavercreek Ohio

waptek William A Price  Starbucks Portland Oregon USA   -       Sara J Pittman Sara J Christy, Beavercreek Ohio, USA.

Peter Kuske attacker Blackmailer

Chloe J Storey Seattle WASHINGTON

Chloe J Storey Seattle WASHINGTON


The Pete Kuske BLACKMAIL attack