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The Story of Attacks.

The ongoing slander attacks on Pete stem way back some four years, when the same old Rat Gang invaded and gathered vids and pictures of Pete Kuske´s family, the Kids and Grandkids pictures ,obtained by scouring facebooks and such hacking accounts and then gathering what the Gang call, Blackmail materials.  Yes sad but true these sleazeballs stole personal information and the tots in the swimming pools and such, and then proceeded with a blackmail campaign. This Blackmail campaign was reported to the Police, and this made the Gang even angrier. Ever since this period these same people have been ongoing attacking and trying ANY and Every way possible to still hide the crimes and keep their sick real secrets hidden. Peter Kuske heard of many similar stories from this same sick Gang, kids pictures, them dealing in them, members having alternations with kids, that alarms were sounding, WAS this a simple blackmail gone wrong? Or is this something more? A watch and record was kept and the pattern seemed to be like a repeat, time after time. So much so that Pete Kuske, knew the odds of all this being a one off random is not likely, the odds are way to long.

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 Petes Family and kids, others family and kids, what is with all the pretending its to save people, the gang say this is why they invade peoples families kids pictures? WHAT on earth and who on earth swallows that?  No what Peter Kuske had stumbled on is a pedo looking set up, the gang all have kids on the mind. NONE have any? They speak and despise kids, and are besotted with them, this really set big alarm bells. Middle and old aged men rifling through peoples family facebooks and such, stealing photo´s, its either to blackmail or more sinister, a kids pic dealing ring or paedo ring, sadly the sinister seemed more apt as Peter Kuske researched the Gang. They had done the same to a BP Earthwatch user, a Darkskywatcher and others which maybe do not even know yet.  Or they kept quiet and closed down and gave what the blackmailers asked for. Something which Pete NEVER did, he went to the Police and then defended, as Any decent guy should.

A excellent Fact Website called YoutubeRats was set up to show their OWN workings , Peter Kuske supplied his own evidence and that website is a MUST See, you will see the facts their own videos, with blackmails and who is linked to who, and a whole wealth of the Rats Scum who need to be shown as what they are.

So bookmark the website links below, and ensure you know who to avoid in Real Life, as these are certainly not people you want to be near your family..